Fitness Foodie Friday 

Hi everyone being that’s it’s Black Friday and I am a shopper I have to go with it. Yesterday, I was at home enjoying the day with the family.  Lots of phone calls and face timing with children and grandchildren in other states. Isn’t life grand that we can all connect on this special occasion?  And guess what we will be doing it all over again on Sunday for those family members who couldn’t be with us for Thanksgiving-even grander. I guess you could say Thursday was a dress rehearsal-hehe!

imageMy post today was going to be Fittness Foodie Friday  I don’t know about you guys but I totally blew it and ate way too much OMG! How about you? Needless to say  I am back on track so I thought we would stay the course with two topics for today (Fitness and Foodie) however, the distraction of shopping has got me going in another direction.

Maybe you don’t know this about me being that I am  a fairly new blogger but I must confess if you don’t know it already I really love to shop.  I am like the rabbit so I have to hold myself back unless the batteries die first. Are you a shopper?  And how about-did you go out on Thanksgiving?  I heard there were people and tents camped out at Best Buy for the deals. I have never done this but I think it needs to be on my bucket list for sure.

Actually I do shop all year (haha) and I am almost done with my Christmas shopping but I still like to experience the holiday spirit and know what’s out there.  Come on its the most beautiful time of the year and I want to see it all. I love the decorations music and busy shoppers. It really does get me in the mood.  How about you do you like to shop now or are you a cyber kind of a person or both?

The reason for the season
The reason
for the season

Whatever it maybe giving gifts is what it’s all about.  Wouldn’t you agree?  What I am overwhelmed by is the generosity of people. Their hearts are so much softer at this time of the year. I have to confess something else. I am such a sucker for the Hallmark station and all those Classic Christmas stories.

"Come on don't you know me Burt"
“Come on don’t you know me Burt”
It's a Wonderful Life
It’s a Wonderful Life
To George Baily the richest man in town!
To George Baily the richest man in town!

Well , my dear daughter and granddaughters will be coming soon to go shopping. I took this day off from work to enjoy this special time of the year. Thanks for stopping by.  I have enjoyed our visit.  I am at if you would like to leave a comment or have any questions and you can email me I am also on Facebook Twitter and Instragram as well. Maybe we will even see each other while shopping.  I am the one with all the bags-no kidding- my husband and family call me the bag lady but it’s all good!

See you soon❤️Dana