Hello and happy Marigold Monday.

Christmas Wreath

5 Week Christmas Countdown. It’s coming -are you ready? Before we know it Christmas will be here.  Let’s get ready for the big event so we can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with less stress and a lot more fun for all.

You can be ready. Just follow this simple daily plan. The best part-you can personalize this plan for you, your family and your lifestyle.

It is alll about planning and doing something everyday. Let’s look at how it works.  If you do five (just for the sake of numbers) tasks everyday at the end of week you will have accomplished thirty -yes I said thirty- tasks in just one week That means taking off Sunday to enjoy your week of accomplishments  Best of all you are moving forward to the happy goal of less stress Holiday season.


Have a master plan-day by day week by week goals/tasks and your gift lists.  If you think about it there is so much to do.  Baking decorating shopping wrapping presents – OMG  are you overwhelmed already? To tell you the truth I can be too and then I start shutting down.  I know this for a fact because I have done it in the past.  But instead – if I start brainstorming everything I have to do and breaking it down I just feel so much better. Now I am in control.

I keep on focusing on how good it feels to check off things on my lists.  I review the lists before I you go to bed.  When I wake up in the morning  I know what I am going to be doing.  It just makes it so much easier to execute the tasks at hand.

My Sparkle Notebook
My Sparkle Notebook

So buy yourself  a pretty notebook maybe even a Christmas one.  I  love this part the best because I am a sparkle kind of a girl.  I carry the notebook everywhere I go – work my office sometimes even when I go to bed just to see how I am doing.  Make it a fun project – maybe even give yourself stickers at the end of day. (I never got to go to kindergarten so I am making up for lost time-he he!)

Just to review:

1) Buy a pretty notebook- maybe even a Christmas one

2) Make a master plan of everything including your gift lists

3) Break it down – daily and weekly tasks

4) Check your lists often and before you go to bed

Christmas Tea Cup
Christmas Tea Cup

5) Take a break and enjoy a cup of Christmas tea

I have enjoyed our visit and I hope you have too. I would love to hear about any questions or comments you may have http://www.andwineknot.com or email dana2fly@comcast.net

Stay tuned for more updates – next time we will be talking about how is your Holiday Project going and the Christmas/Gift Closet. It will be fun!

See you soon❤️Dana