Yea it’s Foodie Friday and time for comfort food at it’s finest – Chili at least in my book. It is one of my favorites when fall rolls around and  the garden is ready to harvest. Hence, Harvest Chili and Burgers joined by green and red tomatoes -see it on my Instagram page as well. So let’s get down to business and talk about the recipe.



2lbs of ground meat  (set aside 1/2 lb for hamburgers)

2lbs spicy sausage

5 red tomatoes

3 green tomatoes

small onion

Tomato paste- 1 medium can

2-3 cans of assorted beans (pinto kidney black bean of your choice)

Chili powder-1 Tbsp

Hot sauce(optional)

1/2 cup red wine(optional)

olive oil

Drizzle olive oil in pan

Brown onion along with meat drain when complete

While meat is browning dice tomatoes add to meat mixture

Add tomato paste and 1 can of water

add chili powder

Hot sauce season to taste

Stir in wine

While chili simmers about an hour blend meat mixture for burgers

Barbecue burgers while chili continues to simmer

Serve burgers with chili (sour cream shredded sharp cheddar cheese and chopped onions a garnish for the chili) along with dill pickles

Harvest Chili & Burgers
Harvest Chili & Burgers
Harvest Chili
Harvest Chili


When I make a big batch of chili I will freeze the leftovers for a quick dinner or maybe even chili dogs by the the bonfire.  I have found with my own experience it freezes quite well but then again I freeze everything including mash potatoes

A few side notes about chili-this is a basic recipe.  Add other things like corn for chili con carne or than again any kind of salsa sauce.  It all depends on what you like and who is coming for dinner or what special occasion it may be.  And don’t forget jalapeño peppers if you love them go for it mild medium or spicy and hot!  That is what is so great about cooking you call the shots be creative have fun eat and most of all enjoy!!!

I hope you have enjoyed our visit as much as I have. And by the way let me know your questions or comments at or email Have a great your weekend?See you soon❤️Dana