Top 5 Fitness Tips

Are you ready to get fit and trim before the holidays?  There is still time-not to worry.  Just follow the simple formula for holiday results.  It works – You can do it!  You can make it happen today!

Thank you to Charlene Johnson

1)  WOW – Work Out Walk (or Cardio of some kind to raise the heart rate.  I have talked about WOW before.  I liked to talk about it again because fitness is not hard- it is actually easy to accomplish.  Remember this word consistency – it simple means in the world of exercise  to follow a routine on a regular basis. Routine- a sequence of actions followed-a fixed program. It is a very important element for success

2) Two to three times (preferably three) a week every week for thirty 30 minutes.  How does that sound?  If it sounds like too much then try this.  Ten minute segments three times a day or fifteen minutes twice a day-the point is whatever it takes to get that thirty minutes in for one day. Interestedly once you get started you will find a way to make it happen.  I like to call it being creative and feeling really good when you get it done.

Eat Good - Feel Good
Eat Good – Feel Good

3) Three healthy meals a day – and two small snacks. Like apples oranges bananas carrots celery sticks dill pickles are really good too. H2O is a must to keep you hydrated and full.  I recommended seaching different healthy web sites to see what matches your life style and the foods you like and also to get acquainted with the

Sweet enough!
Sweet enough!

options that are available.  I know there are so many weight loss programs out there but here’s the thing when you do your own research now you are designing your own plan.  Don’t get me wrong I like Weight Watchers too but will it work? When you research you find the best plan for you personally.

4)  I know you don’t have time but do it anyways. Write it down either manually or in your phone or ipad.  I really stress this step because it is key to know what you are eating.  The biggest success comes from people who literally track their food intake.  Think about it -when you see it before you it tells your story and helps you to monitor the plan for the day


5) Plan your week every day that means exercise and food.  May I suggest every Sunday the day you are preparing for the upcoming week.  Sit down fill in your calendar with events and when you will workout.  Some people like to have set days like Monday Wednesday Friday or Tuesday Thursday Saturday.  The point is write it  down-make a date with yourself to take care of yourself.  You are worth it and deserve to have good health for you and your family. Some one once said “plan your work and work your plan”


Do you like to exercise?  Just so you know if that word is not comfortable no problem the new word is  MOVE.  If it means bike riding, swimming, do want you like-have fun!

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