Do you know what’s coming in three weeks? No it’s not Halloween and it’s before Thanksgiving. Thank goodness so we can get some great ideas for cooking and desserts. To be exact Friday Saturday & Sunday November 11-12-13  Do you give or maybe you know.  Are you ready?   Cleveland’s own Fabulous Food Show     I am so excited- this will be my very first food show I have ever attended and from what I hear it is the best. This food show is hugh beside beer and wine tasting. I definitely will be sharing lots of fun information for future Wine Wednesdays. So stay tuned…

One  of my favorites Cake Boss will be there. The good news you can sign up for special times on line or when you arrive at the show.  So how exciting is that.  Read below for all the details and visit the website for Q&A additional information and purchasing tickets.  Save $5.00 on each ticket when you order ahead of time. It’s all there so check it out?


Fabulous FOOD SHOW
Fabulous FOOD SHOW

Friday 11/11 11am – 8pm • Saturday 11/12 10am – 8pm • Sunday 11/13 10am – 6pm

The Fabulous Food Show (November 11-13, 2016) lets you TASTE, TRY AND BUY your way around the exhibitor MarketPlace, International Beer & Wine Pavilions, Streetfare and more at the International Exposition (I-X) Center. Cleveland’s largest presentation of fabulous food, fine art, breweries, wineries, restaurants and purveyors all under one roof with a wide variety of live demonstrations and hundreds of companies showcasing specialty foods, drinks and culinary gadgets.

So here is one of my passions – I love to eat – everything – I am always talking about the  latest and greatest recipes -and- I love to cook too.  My Greek grandfather was a chef in Chicago so I guess you could say it’s in  the blood.  Besides having a Greek mother  (Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)  When I saw that picture I totally understood my mom.  My father was Filipino straight from the islands.  Between the both of them we would have wonderful dinners and fabulous desserts like Baklava OMG to die for. Right?

My love for food and cooking has certainly developed over the years.  You would not have believed some of my first dishes when we were newly weds. My husband will attest to that – tough very tough steak and so it goes.  I did not have a clue let alone grocery shopping. Somehow, and not by osmosis but by trial and error I got better. I love the movie Julie and Julia.  I give her credit for trying all of Julia Child’s recipes.  It took a lot of courage and tenacity.  I guess you could say that’s where the passion comes in. And by the way I am my worst critic constantly critiquing my dishes -asking myself  does it look good because it’s all in the presentation.  Oh I forgot to tell you I worked in a professional kitchen.  Wow, what an experience.  I  learned so much and I had a wonderful boss who was very helpful. I actually felt like I was literally being schooled.  There were some really good cooks and everything was homemade. It was a good place to be except remember I said I love to eat and my body showed it bad so I had to transfer to a different department but the experience was priceless.

So let’s just say you are newly married and not really familiar with cooking or baking I definitely can relate and that’s why I love Pinterest.  Before Pinterest I had so many recipes all over the place now I can put them all in one place.  If you are not on Pinterest do check it out.

Speaking of do you like to cook or bake? I am not a chef (it’s on my bucket list) but if you have any questions just be in touch at or email me at See you soon❤️Dana maybe at the Fabulous FOOD SHOW???