Hello and Happy Marigold Monday to all.

image image image Fall has arrived and summer flowers like bleeding hearts are done. I tried to get them to last as long as possible by trimming back the yellow and brown foliage but it only last for so long. Bleeding Hearts are one of first to show their pretty pink and white faces/hearts in the spring and do bloom all summer.  They definitely are a sweet addition to any garden. The best bonus is they are a perennial so they come back every year non-invasive and pretty much dough resistant. Another winner for garden lovers. If you see any at the garden centers now is the time to plant them or if you go to a plant exchange for the fall look for them or ask someone if they would like to share. Gardeners love to share plants and information so just ask.

I am delighted to share pictures from my gardens.  As you know I love hydrangea so you will see varieties of Pinky Winkey – Oak Leaf Hydrangea and many more.  When I renovated the gardens I planted many-twenty one to be exact.  I know I can’t believe it either but now that I finished all that digging it was so worth it.  As I walk around the yard I can truly enjoy all the beautiful blooms.

imageThere are three on each side of the front deck facing the lake. What I like about this variety they grow full with soft pink airy flowers but not to tall so they do not block the view of the lake.  However, I did learn the hard way. Another oops in the garden. I planted a small butterfly bush so the tag said. Well, as butterfly bushes can be wild it grew wide out of control and six feet high. A great plant against a fence line or to fill a corner in the backyard. Needless to say I had to dig them all up and past them on to my daughter for her backyard along her fence for privacy  Perfect! imageimage

Perennial Sunflowers

These are perennial sunflowers past on to me from my daughter’s yard. Aren’t they beautiful? No maintenance. Don’t you just love these kind of flowers? They take care of themselves – bloom every year and are not invasive.  When others flowers have completed their cycle these pretty yellow blooms fill the garden with their cute faces. The secret of planting gardens is cycling the blooms. As one is finishing another one is starting. Beautiful blooms repeatingly throughout the gardens.  When you look at the gardens you will see a wave of colors commanding your eye to take in each flower one by one until you experience the entire garden. How are your gardens doing for the fall season? Do you have any mums? Stay tuned I will be going to the garden centers to check out what kinds of flowers are in and what colors they are showing. I would love to talk about any questions you may have or any concerns – you can reach me at http://www.andwineknot.com email me at dana2fly@comcast.net     See you soon❤️Dana